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Car Wash Next Door

Living in a small house on a quiet street has its rewards. Take, for instance, the fact that the young man next door volunteered to wash my car for me one day. I hardly knew my next door neighbors, owing to the fact that I worked some pretty strange hours, and the fact that I hadn't really lived in the neighborhood that long. I had just returned from grocery shopping, and the young man next door saw me carrying in my groceries and offered to help. I noticed that he glanced several times at my rather ample bosom. Even though I was about fifteen years older than he was, I still looked pretty good. I thanked him kindly, and noticed his strong arms and legs as he carried several bags at once.

Then he told me that he would be glad to wash my car, since he was going to wash his, and I parked right in the adjoining driveway, anyway. I watched with intense interest as the young man washed my car. He had taken of his shirt, and I watched as his muscles rippled when he bent over or moved. He was a good-looking young man, and I noticed that, when water splashed on his white jogging shorts, he wasn't wearing any underwear.

I could see his pink, hard, muscular ass cheeks right through the thin white material. As he bent, he splashed more water on him and got the front and sides of his shorts wet. He couldn't see me watching from the window. I could feel myself becoming excited, watching this guy wash my car. He had dark black hair, blue eyes, and his muscular chest tapered to a classical "V" shape to a narrow waist. I could see the beginnings of chest hair on his chest, and there was a small line of dark hair leading downward from his navel all the way beneath the elastic band of his see-through white jogging shorts.

I could feel a tingling in my pussy as I stood there and watched him. There was no getting around it, the guy was turning me on. I reached into my pants and found the elastic band of my panties. I ran my fingers through my pubic hair and found my pussy lips. I parted them slightly and found my clitoris. I touched myself gently and moaned, looking at the firm ass muscles of the young man as he bent over to wipe my the bumper of my car. As he bent, I could see that he had thoroughly wet the crotch of the shorts that he was wearing. I could actually see the dark black color of the hair on his balls through the thin material that clung, wet, to his ball-sac. He suddenly turned and looked at the window where I stood, fingering my pussy, watching him. I thought he couldn't see inside the house, but I jerked my wet finger away from my pussy and out of my pants, anyway. He smiled, a fast little smirk that was almost a nod.

He started using a soft cloth with which he dried my car, shining it all over, bending, showing me his ass. Then, he turned and faced me. The front of his shorts was totally wet. The material was transparent. He had nothing to hide. I could see his cock and balls nestled beneath the material, and the dark patch of his pubic hair above. I moved my hands back into my pants and started frigging myself with fast, jerking movements. The guy was really turning me on. I came in a few seconds, my knees shaking, with a loud moan. He came walking toward the house, keeping his eyes on the window where I stood. Then, he turned and headed for the front door. I pulled my hand out of my pants, and red-faced and out of breath, I went and opened the door as he began knocking. He stood there in front of me, looking me up and down. "Hi," he said at last, "I'm done."

"Uh," I stammered, "Uh, you're wet. Come inside, and you can dry off, and Ill pay you for your wonderful work." He nodded. "I don't need pay. I enjoyed it. I like being appreciated." He stepped inside, and I moved quickly to the bathroom to get a towel. When I turned around, he was right behind me. I glanced down at his wet shorts, at his crotch, where his cock was still very visible. I could tell that it was getting hard. I took a deep breath and fell on my knees in front of him. I looked up at his face. "Let me take those off you." He didn't say a word, just reached for the waistband and pulled them right off, his cock jutting up in the air slightly, stiff and pulsing, growing. It throbbed and jerked, slowly growing fatter, engorging itself with blood. Just a few feet away, I wanted to reach out and stroke it. I wanted to feel that cock in my hand, in my mouth. I reached out with the towel, pretending to him and to myself that I was going to dry him off.

It continued to grow, and in the space of less than ten seconds, it was sticking straight out at me, a full eight inches long, fat and throbbing. The head had turned a deeper shade of purple-brown. It was gorgeous. "Are you comfortable?" I asked, my voice a whisper. He nodded. I looked at his dick and took a deep breath. It grew more, and finally, I knew that he had a full-blown erection. Then, I simply could not stand it any more. "Nice cock," I said. The look on his face immediately changed. An expression of surprise, then a smile of delight came over him. "Thanks," he said. I simply reached over and put my finger on the tip of the throbbing head. He didn't move. I put my entire hand on it, wrapping my fingers around the warm, hard shaft. I leane forward and stuck out my tongue, touching the tip of his hard cock with the tip of my tongue. He moaned softly. I lifted his cock upward, and moved my face closer to his balls. I opened my mouth wide, sending my tongue out as far and as flat as it would go. I ran my tongue across one veined, hairy part of his sac, feeling the moving, egg-shaped orb beneath my tongue. Then, I did the same to the other half of the fuzzy sac.

He moaned, letting out a deep breath. The salty taste and the feel of his balls in my mouth was too much for me. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I moved my tongue up, licking the shaft as I went, feeling those big purple veins on the tip of my tongue. I licked it all the way to the big, throbbing purple head of it, and I just opened my mouth wide and took it in as far as I could. When it reached the back of my throat, I swallowed hungrily, tasting the pre-cum. I wrapped my hand around the base of it and stroked upward gently. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust his hips forward, choking me with the big piece of man-meat. I felt him jerk, and my mouth was filled with his hot man-juice. He groaned, pushing his cock even further into my throat. I felt the last jerk of his cock spurt cum down my throat. I gagged slightly, but didn't want to let go. I swallowed most of it, but some of it ran out of my mouth and down my chin, falling on his forest of pubic hair. Finally, he pulled the still-throbbing cock out of my mouth. I still knelt in front of him. I looked up at him, letting him see his cum running down my chin, then I stuck out my tongue and licked his cum into my mouth.

He took the towel and wiped his dick of saliva and cum, then wiped my face gently. Then, with a smile, he reached down and pulled his pants up. He turned and walked out of the bathroom, and I heard the front door close. I ran into the living room and looked out the window. He turned and waved as he went back into his yard. I watched as he went into his house. What a strange guy, I thought. Then, he came back out again with a can of wax and another rag. Soon, he knocked on my door. "If a wash gets a blow job, what does a wax get?" I smiled.

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