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Okay, first off, I'm not a prude or anything. I'll suck cock, I'll even swallow. I'll fuck, I'll even do anal. But that's not what I'm best at. My talent is in giving handjobs.

I didn't even know I had this talent for a long time. Then one day my boyfriend and I are driving around in the mountains, and I start squeezing his cock, you know, just playing around with him, teasing him. But he's totally getting off on it, right? He's groaning, and his dick is nearly about ready to bust through his jeans he's so hard. So I just keeping running my hands up and down it, squeezing the cockhead with my fingers through the denim.

We find a place to pull over, and I pull out his dick and start going down on him, because I'm thinking that we've got no tissues or anything, so I'm gonna swallow it when he comes. Except he keeps saying it's tickling, and I'm getting kind of irritated, because you know that no woman likes to have her blowjob skills insulted. So I just sit back up and keep jerking his cock instead. And he's loving it. He's moaning, and there's pre-cum practically pouring out of his dick. And when he comes, I bend over to catch the spray in my mouth. After I'm done, he can't stop talking about it, how it's the best handjob he's ever gotten, on and on. So after that, I just start doing it more often.

The great thing about handjobs, is that you can do them pretty much anywhere. I mean, some guys want to be all neat about it, and that's annoying if you don't have a napkin and you can't swallow it. But other guys who don't care about getting cum on their clothes or whatever? Heck, I'll jerk them off anywhere - a move theatre, on the bus, in the car, under the tablecloth at a restaurant. As a matter of fact, the more public a place it is, the more fun it can be. Because they can't see anything, it's not like you've got your face in his lap or whatever, and if he can keep a straight face, especially when he's coming - no one has to know at all.

I'm in this thing with the guy I'm seeing now where we hardly ever fuck anymore. He really likes porn movies, so we watch them together, and he totally gets off on it when a guy comes on a woman's face or her tits or something. So that's what we do, we'll kiss, and then he'll eat me out, and then I lay back and jerk him off. He loves that. He likes to watch it when his cum sprays across my face, or lands on my nipples. And he really likes it if when he's shooting his load on my tits if I put my hand there so then I get my hand wet with his spunk too, and rub it into my skin. He says it's the sexiest thing he's ever seen. Overall, I guess I'm pretty handy.

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