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My name is Francis, I know that's a girls name, but at 6'2" and 190 lb. blond hair and blue eyes, since eight grade, I have never been confused for a girl. Had more than my share of fights though.

My wife's name is, to use her CB handle "AfterNoon Delight". She is no center fold, but not a dog either. She stands 5'2, 96 lb. long brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes. She measures 34C-22-34, TNT definitely comes in small packages. We had been married about ten years, two girls, and around the world, as I was in the NAVY. I was gone a lot but we still fucked like newly weds while I was home. Then came a long stretch of me being home, my last 12 years in fact and sex seemed to get a little old. We tried three-some's, swapping, getting away from each other for weekends. Nothing seemed to really work.

One Sunday afternoon, just after our very seldom missed, weekly really good, loud, fuck. From whence comes her CB handle. We were discussing our state of affairs, sexually that is. I revealed that I had always had a Fantasy! If she was willing to try it I guaranteed her a very good time, and she would not be physically hurt in any way. She readily agreed and asked if I would set it up, not really knowing any more than you do about what was to happen. That comes from ten years of trust.

The hard part was getting another couple to participate. I ran several ad's in a local swingers publication, describing ourselves, and in general terms what I desired. It took almost four months for me to receive a reply that I thought bore promise. A couple our age, late twenties. We agreed to meet, sans my wife, this was still a surprise, at a local restraint. On a Saturday morning, as not to arouse my wife's suspicions, I met with the couple, armed with some compromising pictures of my wife, sucking dick, getting it in both holes, spread shots, ETC. From the start we hit it off. He was 6' blond, slim, she was 5'10" slim, long brown hair and what I was to find out later, 34B tits and the nicest ass that could be found on a slim girl. We talked, compared notes on what we expected from each other. After they had seen the pictures of my wife, both were VERY enthusiastic. We set up a date the following weekend, for Sat. night, as the kids had a basket ball game and were going to spend the weekend at a friends house.

As not to let on that anything was going on, we arranged to meet at a local night spot. The folowing Sat. I informed my wife that I wanted to take her out and calibrate a recent promotion. I also asked if she would dress real sexy for me. I had her wear a black mini dress, which she didn't dare bend over in, because it would show her pussy, it was that short. Nylons, garter belt, NO panties, or Bra. Her tits looked like they would spill out at any minute. Three in. high heels, completed the outfit. Almost forgot, I had sent her to the hair dressers that morning, she was now BLOND, in a french twist. She looked fabulous.

We arrived at the night spot a little early, as to get a seat, 8 PM. I spotted the target couple right away, and we took a table next to them. All arranged, he and I went to the bar at the same time to get some drinks. Taking quite a while to retrieve them. When we returned, as expected the women had struck up a conversation and we were invited to join them. We had the usual introductions and every day conversations over the next hour till the band started. I plied my wife with a little stronger drinks than she was used to. The next hour, maybe more, we danced, swapped partners on the dance floor, several times, generally had a good time. My wife was starting to feel the effects of the drinks, and asked if I could take her home? I asked her if she minded if our new found friends could join us, she and they readily agreed.

Arriving home at the LATE hour of 10:45 PM, I proceeded to ply my wife with more drink. She wasn't drunk, but feeling no pain. I asked the couple if they would join us in the HOT TUB as we usually did that time of night. They exclaimed that they had no bathing suits. I said if they and my wife didn't mind suits were not necessary as we seldom used them. My wife hesitated but a moment. I turned down the lights on the patio where the SPA was located, and turned on some soft music. After disrobing in our bedroom, and they in the guest bedroom, we all slipped in the warm water. A few minutes of silence, and we all relaxed enough to begin conversation. We chatted some more about nothing of consequence, but eventually got around to sex. My wife was put off at first, but after I whispered in her ear, that this was my Fantasy, her eyes lit up and she relaxed. We soon ran out of drinks, Both ladies volunteered to replenish them. As the ladies exited from the SPA he and I were treated to the best show on earth. Four of the best looking tits, and four of the greatest butt cheeks. My wife had her pussy trimmed in the shape of a small heart, and hers was completely bald. I know he and I were instantly hard.

When the ladies returned they sat on the edge of the SPA, with their feet dangling in the water. She bent across my wife to hand me my drink and I grabbed a tit, slowly massaging it to nipple hardness. My wife did the same and he followed my lead with her tit. After my wife sat upright I commented on the state of titties. They just didn't look right with one nipple hard and one soft. We ALL agreed. A quick shuffle and I had her other tit in my mouth, and he my wife's. A few minutes later, with both women breathing more than a little hard, we decided to move the party to the family room. We dried each other off. Very Dry!!

The other couple did not know the extent of my fantasy, but were willing to go along with anything as long as it did not involve pain. As we settled down in the family room I asked "Who Bowled" or has bowled? They looked at me funny but every one raised their hand. I then asked if they would like a lesson? Funny looks from three people!, but they all agreed. Yes I then asked who had a ball? They didn't and neither did we. Well I guess that I am just going to have to substitute!! Dear will you do the honers I asked my wife? She replied yes not knowing what would come next. I reassured her that she would enjoy this VERY much. I then declared that since bowling balls did not have eyes, I proceeded to blindfold my wife with a scarf that I had secreted earlier.

I then proclaimed that a good bowling ball should be inspected before each use as to insure no dent's, flat spots, extra holes, or any other abnormalities. I then proceeded to CHECK out my wife!! Standing, I proceeded to kiss her thoroughly, her ears, neck, spent a long time on her back, from shoulder blades to butt. No problems found! I invited my guests to do the same, and she really started to wither under their tongues and caresses.

After about ten minutes of this torture I decided to move on. The next inspection should be of the holes in the Ball. I had my wife bend over, legs spread, grabbing her ankles. I'm sure she turned a little red at this, knowing what was exposed. I caressed her ass cheeks, saying "Now this feels like a GOOD BALL" By now she could feel all three of our breaths on her butt. First the thumb hole! I declared! Please some assistance? Will one or both of you please hold the cheeks apart? They were quick to comply and my wife's anus was fully exposed to our gazes. I then proceeded to kiss her butt, with some nibbles, that I knew she enjoyed. I knew she had a VERY sensitive BUTT. I teased her to the utmost, before sticking my tongue into the very core of her BUTT. She groaned with delight. With my invitation the company joined in. I decided that my wife needed a break!! Actually I needed the break before I came.

I took off the blindfold, asked my wife how she felt? No answer, just a very broad grin. Serve us a drink wench, I said to her and she hurried of to refresh the drinks. When she returned, and we were all comfortable seated again. I asked if we should continue? She replied "Press on McDuff".!! I then told her to perch on a bar stool in plain sight of us all. I then declared that the next most important hole or holes was the finger holes. Display the finger hole I said to my wife! She looked a little perplexed at first and then got the idea, spreading her legs. A little wider I proclaimed. Even after two children, my wife's pussy was a sight to behold, the neatly shaven heart at the top of the cleft, her clet, barely showing at the top of her pussy. The lips just slightly open, revealing the pink within. That will never do, I exclaimed, we can't see the finger hole? I replaced the blindfold, and knelt between my wife's thighs. I started to tongue her outer lips, causing them to open, to reveal the pink within. I stayed away from her Clet. Knowing it would set her off. I invited the guests to LOOK and their tongues soon followed mine. by now my wife was groaning for relief. I could not allow that and told my wife to assume the Sex-Er-Size position. Legs spread she grabbed her ankles.

For the Cu-Da-Ta, I said, now is the time to check for hand fit. Bent over as she was, facing away from us we had a perfect view of her swollen cunt lips. I quickly knelt behind her and gave her rose bud of an ass hole several quick swipes with my tongue. I then inserted my thumb in her ass! Three fingers in her cunt, and the pinkie to diddle her clet. About two minutes of this and she was screaming her release. "O SHIT I'M CUMMING" She exclaimed!!! Her juices flooded my hand.

I then asked our guests if they would like to try the FIT? They both surged forward, the husband in the forefront. He was quick to imitate my actions and soon my wife was withering again. I stopped the action short of her cumming. It's time to try another fit. I positioned him on the floor, on his back, with his 8" hard on looking to the sky. I positioned my wife squatting over him, and she slowly lowered herself onto his pole. I then gave her butt hole a few more swipes with my tongue and replaced it with my cock. This was nought the first time we had done this so it really wasn't a surprise to her. She just sighed and rocked back into us. Seeing his wife left out I motioned her to assume a position with her cunt close to my wife's face. My wife reacted as I had hoped, even though she had never tried Bi, as far as I know, she grabbed ass cheeks and burrowed her face into the presented pussy. Eating for all she was worth. Bill and I hung on, as my wife's ass went into overdrive. I reached around to grab a tit, He sucked on the other. Bill's wife's tits were close at mouth, so to speak and I went for one, while he fondled the other.

The perfect ending!! Screams of satisfaction herd from everyone. I took a picture that night of the four of us. My wife looked totally fucked out with pussy juice all over her face, CUM running down her legs from her ass and pussy. the rest of us with big grins on out faces. While we were saying goodby to the couple, late the next morning, after breakfast. Ann the Guests wife asked if she could be the ball next time.

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