School of Sex

Everybody want to make love better, to improve their sexual technique, to give more pleasure to the partner. This not only increase our self estimation but rise our excitation during the love act because the pleasure of our girlfriend or boy friend. The advantage of a durable relation is in the best possibility to know better the partner, to speak with and to exchange experience.

The sex is very intuitive and pertains to our genes, but observing the phenomena that happened and analyzing them, we can better understand what movements or touches function better for us, or for our partner. It would be necessary to be very dedicated to observe, to feel all the process and it isn't very simply for normal person. So we can aim to the experts that made from this stuff their profession, and that can address us how to make love better.

Looking for some dedicated material on the net, I found a nice and useful educational video about sex positions, that can be considered as some kind of school of sex. But the video is exciting too, while the scenes are explicit. The authors wanted multiracial actors to approach more large part of population.

This lovers' guide have 8 chapters, as follows:

  1. Oral sex
  2. Man on top
  3. Woman on top
  4. Side by side
  5. From behind - doggy stile
  6. Sitting and standing
  7. Advanced
  8. Anal sex

At the end of each lesson, there is a short recapitulation about the main things to be recorded. I would like to comment the content, to give my personal contribution to this important material. If you have fix relationship, or simply you are married, don't use to often the toys, especially those with vibrations: your penis can't do that and can't compete with this technological sex sensation.

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